Sight Screens

Cricket Sight Screens

We offer a wide range of sight screens from our cost effective club range to screensdesigned specifically
for your needs. All our screens are available with black planks if required.

We are an innovative British cricket equipment supplier and manufacturer specialising in the production and installation of high quality cricket ground equipment across the world.

British Design and Build

All our sight screens are designed and made by us in our own factory in East Anglia. They are very substantial products made with high quality materials, built to last with a 10 year frame guarantee. We can design and manufacture sliding sight screen systems for use where freestanding screens are not suitable. Please contact the sales office for information.

Key Features

All our Sight Screens have robust frames with a galvanised steel finish and reinforced UPVC lattes. All screens have galvanised steel wheels which aid stability and manoeuvrability as standard. We have various sizes and ranges for all needs.

On site assembly

All of our cricket sight screens require assembly on site which should be undertaken with at least 2 people. Assembly requires some height cautions and weight handling factors and can take 2-4 hours depending on the model.

We offer an assembly service please contact the sales office for information.

Key Facts

  • Designed and made in our factory in East Anglia, Cambridgeshire
  • Robust Frames
  • Fully galvanised steel wheels offer stability and portability
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Club Store Away Sight Screen

The club store away screen features easily removable planks and can be supplied with either white or black planks or a set of both

  • Ideal for winter storage or during high winds.
  • The planks simply slot back into the frame for use.
  • Fully galvanised frame.

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Club 4m to 8m Slide Away Sight Screen

This screen takes up the space of a 4m screen when stored but can be extended to 8m.

  • Fully galvanised frame and track
  • Can be extended to 8m by one person in a matter of minutes

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Premier Classic Sight Screen

Manufactured from heavy gauge materials our premier screens are built for durability and are suitable for use at County level.

  • Heavy gauge galvanised frame
  • Built for durability
  • Heavy duty 150mm x 25mm UPVC planks

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Premier Anti-Vandal Metal Mesh Sight Screen

Ideal for use in areas where vandalism can be a problem, supplied with galvanised steel sheets in place of planks minimising potential damage.

  • A robust screen available in 4m or 6m wide
  • Galvanised perforated steel sheets, powder coated one side
  • 4 galvanised steel wheels 325mm diameter x 100mm wide

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Professional 8m Folding Sight Screen

The Professional 8m Folding Screen has a heavy duty galvanised steel frame with a 4m centre with 2 x 2m hinged side panels.

  • Heavy duty high density lattes
  • Fully galvanised frame
  • 4.2m wheel base

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Professional Revolving Black & White Sight Screen

A high quality sight screen which is easily converted to black or white by one person.

  • Simply rotates from two central bearings, one top one bottom
  • Fully galvanised frame
  • 150mm x 25mm high density plastic planks

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