Cricket Scoreboards

We provide a wide range of cricket digital scoreboards and standard
scoreboards to suit your budget and space availability.


We have supplied a wide variety of scoreboards to suit all budgets and requirements.

Key Features

  • High visibilty for players and spectators
  • Wireless Controls available, Durability
  • Designed to fit various types of housing

Bespoke Scoreboards

Your scoreboard can be designed and manufactured according to specific needs. Please check to see if planning permission is required.

9 Digit Portable Cricket Score Board

A fantastic and easy way to display the score for small or junior cricket clubs.

  • Fully compatible with our 32 digit system.
  • High visibility, amber 8 inch digits which can be seen from over 100 metres distance.
  • Fits into the back of a car for carriage.
  • Strong polycarbonate fascia to protect the display in case of a direct hit.
  • Will work from a 12v battery (60 ampere hours for 8 hours play).
  • Swivel wheeled trolley is available as an optional extra

Bespoke Digital Cricket Scoreboards

If you require a bespoke size of board to fit in an existing aperture or a totally new build, we can recommend and design the perfect solution. Always check to see if planning permission is required.

  • Highly efficient LED technology with 120 degree visibility
  • A range of 15″, 12″, 10″, 8″ and 6″ digits available so you can use mixed sizes for improved appearance
  • Fully Modular, only buy the digits you need – new digits can be added at any time in the future
  • Intuitive, easy to use controller automatically increments the total when the batsman’s score is increased
  • Runs off a 12v battery or 240v mains power