Bowdry Water Remover Machine

Bowdry Water Remover Machine

The Bowdry offers a light and strong surface water removal solution that ensures sporting fixtures can continue when under normal conditions, standing water would prevent play.

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  • Removes standing water rapidly
  • Effective on any surface outdoors or indoors
  • Foam absorbent sponge encompasses a 75 litre tank wheel
  • Water discharged through side valve with four support wheels at rear
  • Foam width 750mm
  • Unladen weight only 10 kilos. Easy to handle and manoeuvre


The Bowdry collects up to 60 litres of water per minute and, due to its ergonomic design, is simple to operate, transport and store.

Bowdry incorporates a durable foam roller that efficiently absorbs the water and does not damage turf. An integrated storage tank collects the excess water and can then be easily emptied from a valve located on the side panel.

Bowdry’s easy-to-use surface water removal system also incorporates a four wheel chassis that evenly distributes the weight, ensuring effective water removal is achieved even on the finest turf.

Bowdry is delivered ready for use, simply unpack, slide on the handle and go.

Bowdry Replacement Foam & Adhesive Pack
Bowdry Replacement Foam & Adhesive Pack – Blue
Bowdry Replacement Foam & Adhesive Pack – Red

Bowdry Drum Exchange
Send your old drum to us and it will be replaced with a drum complete with new foam
Bowdry Drum Exchange – Blue
Bowdry Drum Exchange – Red

Bowdry Storage Bag
Made from tough, heavy duty vinyl, with all-round zip and carry handles. Ideal for protecting against accidental foam tear, both during the off-season and when in regular use.

The fully closed zip-top keeps the machine clean & is also shower proof, whilst the handles allow the machine to be stored over-head