Paceman Original S2

Paceman Original S2

Please note the Paceman bowling machines come with one Paceman light ball, we would recommend purchasing additional balls when ordering a machine.

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  • Fully adjustable for full pitch and short pitch deliveries
  • Includes automatic 12 ball feeder
  • Adjustable bowling speeds of up to 90kph (with Paceman Light Ball)
  • Rubber guard housing armour
  • Able to produce inswing and outswing deliveries
  • Much improved Titan 1/4 HP motor and exclusive 3G drive system


The Paceman Original S2 Bowling Machine is a quality, affordable product producing accurate, reliable bowling simulation, allowing cricketers to practise their shots in their garden or at the cricket club.

This Original S2 has been upgraded to include an integrated 3G drive system and a Titan 1/4 HP motor which results in a more reliable and efficient power source. It also features rubber guard housing armour, which protects the machine against bumps and knocks during transport and storage as well as general wear and tear.

For External Use:
To use the Paceman bowling machines in an area with no access to a power supply you will need to purchase the following from a suitable hardware or DIY store: A 12v Sealed Lead Acid Battery, Sine Wave AC Power Inverter, Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger – 1 amp.