Concertina Cages

Concertina Cages

The Unique Fold Away, Space Saving Concertina Net System

The net system was designed to promote cricket at grass roots level, primarily for use in schools

where space is at a premium.

The net system is either fixed to a wall, posts or a fence: it folds back to 50cm and extends out to

8m – 10m – 12m depending upon size ordered.


Sporting practise i.e. batting, bowling, catching or rounders.

Coaching sessions

Educational possibilities using numbered patches on netting for batters to aim at: helps

children improve their mental arithmetic.

Out of school hours - clubs or community use.

Benefits to pupils/ participants

• Improve sporting skills and co-ordination.

• Increased interaction with other children.

• Improved team work

• Increased fitness, confidence and mental well being.

Benefits for school

• Versatile, designated, space saving and safe environment to practise without affecting rest of


• Enhanced physical exercise area enabling concentration upon batting / bowling skills.

• Opportunity to have facility to increase childhood activity for both boys and girls with view

to reducing obesity levels.

• Means of introducing cricket to schools which in past may not have facilities to use.

• Reduction of travel time if had to use off site facilities previously.