The Scoremore system is unique and can improve a footballer's scoring performance in a number of ways.


  • Base frame manufactured from 80 x 40 x 3mm and 40 x 40 x 3mm box section
  • Main frame 40 x 40 x 2mm box section
  • 6 Handbag weights
  • 4 Swivel braked wheels
  • 2.3mm x 40mm mesh knotless polypropylene net
  • Fully powder coated.


The Scoremore system is unique and can improve a footballer’s scoring performance in a number
of ways.
The patent protected Scoremore Training Module, if deployed regularly and methodically will
enable team coaches, sports scientists and players to overcome perceived obstacles and
dramatically increase their score.
Shots targeted between the curved envelope and the regular goal posts will be beyond the
average goal keeper’s reach. It is these areas that provide the most productive target for
goal scorers. All that is required to improve performance and enhance competitive edge is
repetition and Scoremore.
Nothing will boost your goal scoring rate more!
– The ultimate penalty kick training system.
– Designed scientifically to beat the goalkeeper.
– Improves penalty and free-kick success.
– Increases shooting accuracy and shot-to-goal ratios.
– Raises striker performance and confidence.
– Frequent use in training instils winning mind-sets.
– Mobile for shots at varying angles and distances.
– Delivers more goals and better results.
– Minimal cost compared to the value of a goal.


Assembled 6200mm x 2440mm x 1500mm
Unassembled 3100mm x 2500mm
Delivered on a pallet
Assembly instructions included
Self-assembly by two people
Assembly service available
Can be stored inside or out.

The Scoremore has been developed by professional sport scientists, Dr Ryan Mahaffey specialist in sports biomechanics and Dr Nick Bourne specialist sport scientist in conjunction with DEM Sports.