BOLA Junior Bowling Machine


  • Microprocessor based digital speed control with membrane switch panel
  • Swing and pace bowling
  • Electronic random variation facility for competitive practice
  • Precision line and length adjustment
  • Brushless motors for a longer working life, with increased reliability and better efficiency
  • Adjustable delivery speeds in 3 mph increments from 15 to a maximum 65 mph
  • The BOLA Junior Bowling Machine can also be used with tennis balls, which will bowl up to 50 mph
  • Moulded urethane over aluminium ball delivery wheels
  • Machine weight: 8 kg
  • Auto Ball Feeder can feed balls into the machine every 4, 7 or 10 seconds (selectable) allowing solo practice (children must be supervised at all times)
  • BOLA Junior Practice Balls are 68mm diameter and weigh 70 grams each producing a realistic flight and bounce


The BOLA Junior brings the quality and design expertise of the BOLA brand to the junior cricket practice market providing tried and tested BOLA technology at an entry level price.

Pack includes Battery, battery charger, ball Feeder and Junior BOLA Balls